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Best South Asian wedding photographers in Toronto
A lot of newly engaged couples have a great deal of issues and problems when looking for their vendors. Photography and videography studios tend to be at the top of this list as in the last 3-5 years amount of studios offering these services were doubling every single month! Most of the newer vendors don't have any experience or professional gear and offer their services at a great discount, on the side of their regular 9-5 job.
We've been documenting Indian weddings in Toronto for the past 12 years and hopefully this short guide will help you in your search, especially since South Asian marriages require more skill from a photo studio than a typical Western event.

1. Portfolio
Go through all the images in the portfolio. It should have at least a few hundred images from different events. Beware of portfolios which may have a lot of images,but they come from just a few weddings because that will mean they don't have a lot of experience.  Make sure every single image is edited, sharp and documents a story in the day of the event.
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2. Make sure there's a blog which has a sizable number of images. Hopefully at least 100 per wedding. Make sure all the images are well edited, cover all the important events. Beware of blogs which mostly show images of details( flowers, plates, etc). While Indian weddings are full of details and there are a lot of specific details that need to be covered during the ceremony,  you must see how your chosen wedding photography studio deals with candid shots and creative shots. Often inexperienced photographers show a lot of detail images because it is all that they could capture well. It is so much easier to take an image of flowers than to pose a couple or to capture tear-dropping candid moments.
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3. Check their posing and style.
If you like  Bollywood and fashion style of photography, you should not hire a studio that specializes in candid coverage as they will not be able to pose you. Some would not even be able to pose you for a simple family portrait as they don't know how. Posing is the hardest thing and requires years of practice and skill.  A lot of Toronto Indian wedding photographers prefer journalistic coverage and even say so on their website. This is where the next point comes in.
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4. Website Information Section.
Most sites have various information that explains the style, procedure and other questions you may have. While some studios deliver edited pictures in 6-8 months after the wedding, others,like ourselves, have every single image ready in less than 3 weeks. We provide all of this information on the site.

South Asian Pakistani Indian wedding photographers in Toronto are not all the same. Some specialized in Hindu and Sikh religious ceremonies. Others mainly do Muslim or Ismaili coverage. For us, we've built a lot of referrals and our style draws brides and grooms from all faiths, cultures and traditions. This page has a number of images from various marriages from Ontario, Canada.
If you feel our style is what you need, please visit the website and blog to get in touch!

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